Ole Henriksen On The Go Cleanser Review

On the long search for products to perfect my skin, I came across Ole Henriksen’s On The Go Cleanser. For some reason I find all of his products to be extremely appealing and everything I had tried previously, I’d loved. I stood in Sephora’s Ole Henriksen section for about 15 minutes simply sniffing and sampling all the products, which is definitely not out of the ordinary for me and finally left with two, this cleanser being one of them. Although the price tag is a bit hefty for a cleanser ($30) the size is huge (355 ml/12 oz) so it is certainly justified considering this bottle will probably last about a year.

Initially I was attracted to the cleanser because it boasts vitamin C content which is always helpful in reducing dark spots and simply keeping skin healthy (ok, and maybe that “exhilarating” in there got me…who doesn’t want an exciting cleanse?). The cleanser pairs perfectly with my clarisonic. I dab about a pea-size dollop of the gel onto my clarisonic and cleanse away. It foams, but not overly so and doesn’t dry out my skin.

After using this cleanser for about two months I can definitely say its one of my favorites. I still have a daunting amount left, which makes me happy since it means my money was well spent. Although the bottle is huge and therefore inconvenient to travel with, it’s not difficult to buy a little travel plastic one to pour some of the cleanser into. I find that the cleanse is really quite deep, but it’s extremely gentle and doesn’t leave my skin red or dry. The light citrus scent is also a bonus and I simply love the ease of use. Although I can’t attribute any positive changes in my skin specifically to this cleanser, I do believe it does a great job and certainly a whopping dose of vitamin C, E, and other naturally derived extracts never hurt anyone.

Have you tried any Ole Henriksen products? What’s your current go-to cleanser?

P.S. A review of that second product I bought…coming soon!