BB Creams Comparison and Reviews

Over the past year I’ve tried a few BB creams and I thought I would share my thoughts by comparing all of them instead of doing separate posts with reviews.

My first ever BB cream was the Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus. It comes in a pretty cute little pump bottle that contains 40 ml of product and has an SPF 25. I found this BB cream to be quite nice since it does quite a good job covering any imperfections, however I found my skin to be extremely matte and rather dull, without any sort of glow. The bottle is definitely nice for standing around on a shelf at home, but it’s rather a disaster for traveling.

The second BB cream I bought was the BRTC Gold Caviar. It has an SPF 50 and has a sort of baby-powderish scent that eventually fades.  The tube is nice, but is a bit big for the 40 ml of product, so lots of air seems to come out when squeezed. It blended rather easily into my skin, but after an hour or so started to dry out my face and settled into laugh-lines. Not a good look. I don’t know if this is because my skin’s still quite dry from winter, but hopefully it’ll work better for the summer when my skin is a bit more oily. The super high SPF is definitely a bonus in this BB cream!

After trying these two Korean brands, I wanted to see what the Western spin on BB creams was all about, so I picked up the Estee Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme in the shade “Light”. This cream has a rather strong cucumber scent which I don’t particularly mind, but some people might be put off by. It’s also the only one out of the four that I have tried that comes in more than one shade. Although it’s still rather limited since “Light” and “Medium” definitely won’t suit everyone. It’s rather expensive since there are only 30 ml of product for $38, which is more expensive than some high-end foundations. Anyway this BB cream is rather thick which in my opinion makes it hard to blend because I love using my fingers for BB creams and tinted moisturizers. I use this blended with Becca’s Luminous Skin Color and I really like the combination of the two, however I would prefer to have something that could be used by itself. This cream has an SPF of 35 which also provides great sun protection and perhaps will also be easier to blend once my skin is a bit more oily in the summer.

Finally after coming across Dior’s new release on the internet, I hopped over to Sephora to get a sample of the new Dior Hydra Life BB Creme. I really hoped I wouldn’t like it since for a 50 ml tube it costs a whopping $56 (however this still makes it cheaper than Estee Lauder because if that came in a 50 ml size it would be over $63. Okay, okay, enough justifying) . But of course upon my first application it was love at first use. After having tried the previous three BB creams, I didn’t think one could be blended so easily. However this cream simply effortlessly melted into my skin and had an amazing amount of coverage for a product which is much more liquidy in texture than the other BB creams. After using the little sample jar for about a week, I had a VIB 15% off coupon for Sephora so I splurged on this amazing cream. The packaging is really convenient since the pump dispenses the perfect amount every time and stays clean. It’s perfect for everyday use, protects my skin with SPF 30, and leaves me with an extremely fresh, glowing complexion.

L-R: Skin79, BRTC, Estee Lauder, Dior

Seeing those swatches it’s amazing that all of those creams blend out into my skintone which right now I would probably classify as being around a MAC NW25. I would recommend the Skin79, BRTC, and Estee Lauder BB creams for those with light complexions and oily skin since these will do a rather good job with mattefying. Personally I found BRTC’s cream to be the most drying, followed by Skin79, and then Estee Lauder.

Dior’s BB cream can look a bit scary and orange, but since it blends so well it gives my skin an incredible dewy glow, but it’s definitely something I wouldn’t recommended for those with fair complexions. Unfortunately none of these BB creams cater to darker skintones which is a grave mistake, because the companies could gain many more loyal customers by making their amazing formulas available to a wider population.

Have you tried any of these BB creams? Any BB creams at all? What’s your favorite? I would love some recommendations!